Complete Electronic Tax Return Assembly and Delivery System


SafeSend Returns-SafeSend Returns-SafeSend Returns

SafeSend Returns is the only industry solution that provides accounting firms an automated, centralized and standardized way to assemble and deliver tax returns digitally.

SafeSend Returns Wins Innovation Award by CPA Practice Advisor Magazine 



SafeSend™ is a complete bi-directional document exchange system that is as simple to use as email. Send and receive all client documents with ease.

SafeSend Returns

SafeSend Returns

SafeSend Returns™ is an award-winning, revolutionary solution to automate the assembly & delivery process of tax returns.

SafeSend Signature Flow


Accounting firm documents require signatures by clients and staff. SignatureFlow® provides firms with an E-Signature solution for all documents.

TicTie Calculate

TicTie Calculate

Adobe Acrobat plug-in that installs an accounting centric toolbar. Catalog and annotate digital PDF files just like you would in the paper world.

SafeSend Returns
SafeSend Returns

Automating the Assembly and Delivery of Returns

Over a Third of the Top 300 Firms Deploy SafeSend Returns to Automate their Processes

Prepared in:

  • UltraTax CS
  • GoSystem Tax RS
  • ProSystem fx
  • CCH Axcess
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Electronic K-1 Distribution

In this webinar, we will review how K-1’s have historically been distributed and the related issues with those methods. We will review the IRS requirements for electronic K-1 distribution and provide a brief demonstration of SafeSend Returns, the only solution offering automated electronic K-1 distribution.

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Adobe Acrobat – Prepare 1040 Work Papers

Many tax and accounting firms struggle with making the transition to a paperless office – or find that it takes more time than it should. This webinar will explain and demonstrate how successful firms make the paperless transition by following best practices.

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