Documents Can Easily Be Signed From Anywhere, Anytime Via PC, Laptop, Tablet Or Smartphone.

SignatureFlow software is complimentary, there are no monthly or annual fees so you only pay for what you use – $1.50 per transaction.

The Signature Has Evolved

The signature has gone through many iterations over the years. Evolving from a handprint on cave walls, to the form of a simple “X,” to the artistic, swooping lines of calligraphy. All along the way, one message was clear, the signature serves as a proof of identity and intent.

In 2000, the United States Congress passed the ESIGN Act to allow for legal use of Electronic Signatures (E-Signatures). In the spring of 2014, the IRS approved E-Signatures on Form 8879. Now clients, partners and staff can E-sign any document, anywhere, anytime with an Internet accessible PC or mobile device and access to any email account. With SignatureFlow, you get client documents signed in as little as a few minutes, and all of your employees have access to firm-wide reporting and tracking to improve productivity.

Client Documents

  • IRS Forms 8879 and 4506-T
  • § 7216 Consent
  • Engagement Letters
  • Management & Audit Rep Letters
  • A/R and A/P Confirmations
  • Payroll Processing

Internal Documents

  • IT Policy
  • Annual Independence Survey
  • Employee Handbook & Amendments
  • Offers of Employment
  • W-4 and I-9 Forms
  • Partnership Agreements


Use with confidence. The ESIGN Act of 2000 made E-Signatures the legal equivalent of hand written signatures


Saves 50% of time and costs associated with mailing paper Engagement Letters, faxing, scanning or mailing back.


Track awaiting documents by engagement type, document type, tax year and partner. Send reminders from Outlook.


Including: Mail merge data; Batch processing; Automated signature placement; Manage married signers using same email address

IRS Approved for Form 8879

Skip the stress of a written signature and start using E-Signatures today.

SignatureFlow adequately records the following data in the PDF copy of the signed document and includes an audit report with:
  • Digital image of the signed form
  • Date and time of the signature
  • Taxpayer’s computer IP address
  • Taxpayer’s login information
  • Identity verification information results (Knowledge Based Authentication)
  • Audit trail that reflects the completion of the electronic signature process by the signer

SignatureFlow E-Signature Application


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